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  • The Door Factory not only simplifies the creation of doors, it creates doors that are incredibly easy to use.
  • Any Revit user, from novice to expert, can create the doors they need quickly and easily.
  • Save time by creating doors as and when you need them, allowing you to stay focused on your design.
  • Achieve consistency for all the doors in your project.



  Feature available in all versions
  Feature added in 2013 v2
  Feature added in 2014 and 2013 v2.1


  Free Trial Version Purchased Version
  Create Standard Doors & Curtain Panel Doors
  Metric and Imperial default settings (2012 and 2013 versions)
  Add your own panels, handles, trim profiles and other components, giving you unlimited combinations.  
  Edit and Save default values and settings for all doors including jamb, panel & trim dimensions, handle offsets and tolerances
  Elevation Swing indicators points to hinge or to handle to suit international graphic standards.
  All Doors have built in Wall Alignment parameters that allow you to position the door within the wall. Align the Jamb (and or Panel were relevant) to the centre of the wall, exterior face or interior face. You can also create + or – offsets from these alignments.
  Consistent and Logical naming of all parameters in all doors created: Instance, Type & Family Wide parameters are formatted logically and hierachically so they are easy to use on a day to day basis.
  Doors have an appropriate level of detail allowing for fast manipulation of doors and a manageable parameter list
  The symbolic linework for the panel within plan views is now on its own sub category allowing the panel to be shown differently than the swing
  Curtain Panel Doors "look & feel" the same as Standard Doors
  Curtain Panel Doors report the correct parameters required for scheduling with Standard Doors
  A Release License button is now available allowing one to easily move the licence key to another PC

Door Actions

  Create doors with the following Actions:    
    Single Swing

    Single Swing 2 way
    Double Swing  
    Double Swing 2 way  
    Single Pivot  
    Double Pivot  
    Surface Sliders (5 panel combinations including multi slider)  
    Pocket Sliders (4 panel combinations)  
    Reverse Sliders (2 panel combinations)    ✓
    Bi-Folds (14 panel combinations including multi panel)  
    Stacking    ✓
  Additional Actions included:    
    Contained Sliders (3 panel combinations including multi panel)    ✓
    Hatch and Double Hatch (with jamb to all 4 sides)
  Additional Actions included:    
   Inter-connecting door (i.e. used for interconnecting hotel rooms)    ✓
  Plan swing can be shown as curved (arc) or straight
  Adjustable swing angles (Instanced based)
  Different swing angles for double door secondary panels (Instance based)

  2 way swing doors can be shown with opposing swings (Type based)    ✓
  Symbolic plan pivot offsets to pivot doors so the door pivot is readable at typical plan scales (Instance based).
Hover over pivot doors to see the real swing extent.

  Adjustable fold angles for Bi-fold doors symbolic plan (Instanced based)

  Symbolic plan layback to Bi-fold doors with two panel leaf combination to one side (Instance based)

  Adjustable open % for sliding doors symbolic plan (Instanced based)  
  Plan arrow offsets for sliding doors symbolic plans to avoid conflict with adjacent modelled components or linework  


  Create doors with the following Jamb profiles (depending on the door action):    
     Flat   ✓ 
     Hidden Jamb (behind door panel)
     No Jamb
  Jamb offsets from wall alignment (positive and negative values allowed)
  Preset Jamb Width or set to Match Wall Width
  Preset the Head Jamb Width or set to Match the Side Jamb Width

  Preset the Doorstop Depth on Stopjamb doors or set so it is Centred on the Jamb

  All doors are now available with flat jambs (Flat jamb option has been added to Single Swing, Double Swing, Hatch, Double Hatch and all Bifolds)  
  Curtain Panel Doors have a Wall Width parameter that can be specified to emulate the standard door Match Wall Width functionality
  Wall Closures are configured to the Jamb faces


  Choose a door panel from the Panel Library
Panels include: Glass, Glass framed, Glass framed with transom, Glass with patches, Glass with rails, Glass with side patches, Solid, Solid horizontal panels x3, Solid horizontal panels x4, Solid panelled x4, Solid with kickplate, Vision panel, Vision panel round, Vision panel with kickplate
Only 3 Panels included 14 Panels included
  Additional Panels included: Solid panelled x6, Solid panelled x6 equal    ✓
  Customise panels and add them to the panel library
  Specify panel specific parameters such as Thickness, Rail widths, vision panel set-outs etc
  Specify panel materials including different finish materials on either side (if applicable). Materials added to the panel components get linked through to the final door family.


  Choose both interior and exterior handles from the Handle Library
Handles included: Digital lock, flush pull round edge, Flush pull square edge, Lever round, Lever square, Rectangular bar 1000mm long, Round bar 1000mm long, Round "D" 500mm long, Slider pull external, Slider pull internal
Only 2 Handles included 10 Handles included
  Additional handles included: Round Knob    ✓
  Customise handles and add them to the handle library
  Can specify different handles on either side at different heights and offsets fron panel edge

  Instance parameters to Show & Hide handles

Trims (architraves, casings and mouldings)

  Create doors with the following Trim Profiles
    Custom Profiles (7 profiles included)

  Create custom trim profiles and add them to the Trim Library  
  Specify different trims to interior & exterior sides
  Specify different materials for each trim (Instance Based)
  Instance parameters to Show or Hide trims on interior & exterior sides ✓  ✓ 

User (custom) Components

  Add up to 2 User Components to standard doors that flex with the Panel height, Rough Opening size, wall faces, panel faces & jamb faces. User components include timber cills and sliding door pelmets
None 2 Cills
3 Pelmets
  Available for Curtain panel doors (as above)  
  Additional Components added: Garage roller, roll-up and tilt-up symbolic plans and sections, overpanel and decorative mouldings  
  Create custom User Components and add them to the User Library
  Materials added to the user components get linked through to the final door family.  

Identity Data

  Specify values for the standard Revit door identity data (Wall closures, Construction, Type comments, Manufacturer, Fire Rating and Keynote etc)

  Use Revit's Project Parameters to add your own shared parameters

Family Naming & Types

  Summary guide lists all choices made above to help you specify a relevant Family and Type name

  Create families with multiple types


up to 5 users
$595 US
up to 20 users
$1,190 US
up to 40 users
$2,080 US
over 40 users
$3,870 US

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Technical Information

Door Factory 1 - FAQ's

Refer to the FAQ section of the Forum for frequently asked questions and answers regarding RevitWorks Door Factory.
Download a summary in PDF

Door Factory 2 - On-Line Help System

Detailed information on the features and settings available on each tab of the Door Factory.
User Components
Glossary of Terms

Door Factory 3 - Door Family Specifications

Technical Information including Object Styles, Detail Level visibility, Shared Parameter usage and Parameter lists

Door Factory 4 - Door Factory display requirements

The RevitWorks Door Factory requires the Microsoft Windows display font sizes to be set to certain standard sizes to
display properly.
Door Factory_Display_Requirements.pdf

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